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Why Solar, Why Now

Adopting a home solar system stands as one of the most impactful steps you can take to drastically reduce your energy bills.
The term ‘solar system’ here refers to a comprehensive setup, which includes both solar panels and a storage battery. This combination empowers you to substitute a significant portion of your energy consumption with free, sun-derived power.
Many of our clients have reported reductions as high as 70% on their existing energy expenses after converting to solar power. The reliance on direct sunlight is a thing of the past; today’s solar power can generate energy throughout the year, making the UK’s climate ideal for this purpose.
Embracing solar energy is not just a cost-effective decision, but also a forward-thinking investment for your personal energy independence and financial future. Once your system is installed, every kilowatt-hour of power generated by your solar panels is entirely free of charge, a significant boon in an era of incessantly rising energy costs.
Beyond the financial benefits, the environmental argument for solar power is equally compelling. As we grapple with the stark realities of climate change, transitioning to solar energy offers a tangible, green solution that can make a real difference. It may seem astonishing, but the power produced by your solar system is utterly free from emissions!

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Types of Solar

Each residence is unique, thus each solar system configuration differs. Certain homes may greatly benefit from both solar panels and batteries, others may only require solar panels, and still others may simply want to add a battery to their existing setup. The variety and diversity of solar systems allow for a broad range of installation types to ensure that you discover the optimal solution for your needs.

An full solar system combines solar panels and a storage battery, facilitating the utilization of complimentary solar power during nighttime hours

Installing solar panels alone permits you to utilize the sun's free energy to decrease your utility expenses, but it doesn't provide any means for energy storage.

If you already possess solar panels and desire to incorporate storage into your system, opting for a battery-only installation would be an ideal choice for you.

Premium solar panels, recognized for their stylish color and aesthetic appeal, are steadily gaining popularity in the realm of solar technology.

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Our installation partners install the best equipment, there are many products available on the market and the matched installer will lay out various tier 1 options for you.

solar FAQs

Solar does not work at night, but by adding sufficient battery capacity of 3 to 5kw the system should generate enough excess during the day to store power for a few hours at night.
Yes, sure you can. Although the government backed feed-in-tariff incentive ended 4 years ago there are still ways to sell excess energy back to the grid with the smart export guarantee. You can sign up to these with lots of providers and sell the energy back for between 4-12p per unit (depending on supplier).
Nothing in life is guaranteed, but all our partners validate any returns given. That means the returns are estimated but also checked by a 3rd party consumer protection agency and insurance backed for peace of mind.

Yes, it is, all the systems our partners provide have 12–25-year product warranties and 25 year performance warranties. Battery and inverter systems are 10 years also and workmanship is 1-2 years that is also insurance backed.

All of our partners have finance facilities which not only offer competitive monthly repayments with
low deposit but also an additional layer of insurance from the finance company as they are dedicated
solar finance.

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From London to Manchester, and from Birmingham to Liverpool, we at Solar Compare ensure your needs are met. We streamline the process by bypassing the clutter of comparison sites, aiming to deliver a tailored quote for your solar installation in your area, rather than overwhelming you with an avalanche of quotes to sift through in order to find your match.
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